Nature - Sheila Mattson Fine Art & Photography
474 2008 2012 3121 6160 6300 7211 7214 7366 1st place 2258tropicalseaview 2890hdr abstract algae alone award winner barbed wire barefoot beach beaver birch bird black and white black eyed susan bloom blossom bog branch bridge bud cabin camping canal park canterbury cat cat tail cat tails caution cloud clouds coast color corn crumbling custom daisy daisydew deadwood decoy dew doorway to heaven duck duluth duluth sign duluthstairs fall fall through ice farm fell through ice fence field fiery sky fiery sky canal park fire in sky fish fishing pier florida flower flowers fly fog foot prints god goose gooseberryfalls grass gulf gull hammered harbor hay heaven heron hunt ice joy of snowmobiling lake lake superior lake superior rocks landscape lathe leaves leif erickson park life in minnesota lift bridge liftbridge light lighthouse lonepine magnolia man men menz tournament merit metal minnesota mist mn mn horse and hunt places montage moon mvpc n4c nature nest newspaper north north shore north shore sign northern northern minnesota northern mn not following directions ocean old bridge old wood one man ostrichracing outdoor lights painted palm path phlox pier pine pines prairie prints rail rainbow rays reeds reflection reflection nature rock mogul rocks rocks in water roots rustic sam laud sea sea grape sea oats season seasons seat sheet metal sheila ship shipcomingtoport sign silhouette silo sky slippery snow snowcoveredpathsigncrop snowflake snowmobile snowmobile trail solo sports sports section spring stadium seat stalk still life stock storm straw stuck sun sunrise sunset sunsetpinetrail swamp swamp grass tail tern thin ice tournament tracks trail tree trees typha up north water waterfowl waves weathered weed wild flower wild game trophy signs winter scene wire wood
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