Alaskan Bear Photography / Viewing Adventure

Before traveling to Alaska for the very first time, the mere mention of visiting Alaska would elicit thoughts of grizzly bears and moose running amok through small, podunk towns full of gun-toting townsfolk. I imagined everything being larger than life. In my minds eye, I could see the pristine beauty, the wild, untouched mountains, and the difficulties of living in a remote wilderness as seen on one of my favorite shows growing up, “Grizzly Adams”. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was ALL true...depending on where you are, of course.

WHEN: June 3rd -June 7th , 2019

WHERE: Alaskan Private Lodge in Lake Clark National Park

COST: $3,950


• 4-nights lodging at a fantastic, family-owned lodge in one of the best coastal brown bear-viewing areas in Alaska, hands down

• 4-days of guided, phenomenol and up-close bear-viewing & photography safely in their own Alaskan habitat

• All meals (prepared by talented chef)

• Air transportation from Anchorage to the lodge and back - The scenery is awesome!

• Private, cozy cabins (double occupancy) with modern amenities

• Small group environment

• Privately owned land within Lake Clark National Park for exclusive bear-viewing with no barriers, fences or platforms

• Experienced and knowledgeable guides • Open to all ages (over 13) and abilities

• Birding, wildlife and magnificient scenery

• Clamming, Fishing, and Kayaking

• Wonderful hosts and a great staff

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