Comparimg Alaska to Minnesota

Alaska is so huge that you could fit eight Minnesotas into one big Alaska!

Yet Minnesota, with its comparative miniature size, has 59 times the amount of people per square mile.

Can you imagine that only 20% of Alaska’s roads are paved vs. 91% in the lower 48 states and with ~600,000 square miles, that leaves a ton of remote wilderness.

Minnesotans would agree that we have an abundance of wildlife in terms of variety and numbers with a few exceptions.

Alaska, however, has an abundance of wildlife on steroids!

There are an estimated 3,100 moose living in Minnesota (and declining, unfortunately) compared to a whopping 175,000 moose living in Alaska.

Alaska has an approximate 100,000 black bear living within its borders, while we have ~12,000-15,000.

Last but not least, Alaska is home to some 30,000 brown bears while Minnesota has...(drum roll please) None. Zero. Zilch. As a matter of fact, only 2% of North America’s brown bears live in the lower 48.

Alaskan Bear Viewing / Photography Adventure

Before traveling to Alaska for the very first time, the mere mention of visiting Alaska would elicit thoughts of grizzly bears and moose running amok through small, podunk towns full of gun-toting townsfolk.
I imagined everything being
larger than life. In my
minds eye, I could see the
pristine beauty, the wild,
untouched mountains. I could
envision the difficulties of
living in a remote wilderness
like good old “Grizzly Adams”.

Imagine my surprise when I
   realized it was ALL true...
   depending on where you are, of course. 

Awesome Bear Photography & Fishing Opportunities during the Salmon Run!

We can accomodate 1-4 night stays. Contact me for pricing and dates.

WHEN: See Above or Contact Me for Exact Dates
WHERE: Alaskan Private Lodge in Lake Clark National Park
COST: $3,950

  • 4-nights lodging at a fantastic, family owned lodge in the best coastal brown bear viewing areas in Alaska
  • 4-days of guided, phenomenol and up-close bear-viewing
  • All meals (prepared by talented chef)*
  • Air transportation from Anchorage to the lodge and back
  • Private, cozy cabins (double occupancy) with modern amenities
  • Small group environment
  • Privately owned land within Lake Clark National Park for exclusive bear-viewing without fences or platforms
  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides
  • Open to all ages (over 13) and abilities**
  • Birding, wildlife and magnificient scenery
  • Clamming, Fishing, and Kayaking
  • Wonderful hosts and a great staff

  • This lodge is always FULL years in advance, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

    *The chef and kitchen staff are usually able to accommodate specific needs for food, within reason. Please contact me with questions.

    **Some accommodations are available, however, visitors should expect some amount of walking, standing & riding in a cart as well as going up and down stairs. Visitors are expected to follow rules to maintain and maximize safety. Please contact me if you have any specific questions.
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