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What to Bring to Your Session

*  Shoes...  High Heels, Stilettos, Pumps, Strappy Sandals, Cowboy Boots!

*  Jewelry...  Sparkly Diamonds, Pearls, Sexy Velvet Choker

*  Sporting Equipment...  His or Your Favorite Team Jersey, Football, Bat, Shoulder Pads, Etc.

*  Hats...  Cowboy Hat, His Fedora, Favorite Baseball Hat, Beret

*  Accessories...  Scarves, Belts, Wraps, and Feather Boas

*  Hobbies...  Skates, Camera, Fishing Rod, Helmet, Skateboard, Books, Fishing or Hunting Vest

*  His Clothing...  Dress Shirt and Tie, Tool Belt, Uniform or Favorite Shirt

*  Fifty Shades of Grey Fun...  Handcuffs, Leather, Chains

Sexy is Not Just Fishnets & Stilettos

Sexy can be a white tank top and knee highs or his dress shirt and tie!  Sexy is what YOU define it to be.  

The following is a list of ideas to help inspire you:

*  Fishnet stockings, thigh high nylons, garter belts (I know...obvious 1st choice)

*  Sexy little black dress

*  Favorite sports jersey

*  Matching lacy or satin bra and panty set

*  Jeans that fit great

*  Button down shirt 

*  Pajamas... babydoll, sheer negligees, teddies, favorite t-shirt

*  Bathing suits or shear cover ups

*  Boy shorts and tank top

*  Cut off shorts, cowboy boots and cowboy hat

*  White tank top, cotton panties, and sport socks

*  Sweater or wrap

*  Naked self draped in satin sheets

Prepare for the Shoot

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