After the Shoot FAQ

I just had my photographs taken, now what?

Within 2 weeks we'll schedule a session to view and order your images.  The first time you see your images, they'll be on a bigger screen.   It makes it so easy to choose the best expressions and poses.  I'll be there to help you and answer any questions; so by the time you leave, you'll have all the decisions made.   

How long will it take to see my pictures?

As mentioned in the first question, we'll schedule a session to review your pictures within 2 weeks. Approximately 4 weeks after placing your order, your finished portraits will be ready.  

Do I get my photos on a disk?

If you are looking for images for Facebook, Twitter, etc, then yes.  Well technically I don't actually give you a disk; I give you a link to access your web resolution photos.  If you are looking to print your own, I do not offer that.  With my portraits, you have high quality, archival prints that are made to last for many years.  Most print your own options like home printers and 1-hour labs, yield prints that will last for a few years before shifting color.  For something important like your senior portraits, you want prints that you will be proud to show your children one day.

Who submits my yearbook photo?

Yearbook photo submission deadlines vary per school.  You are responsible for picking out your yearbook photo and providing me with the deadline date and email address for submitting the photo.  As long as I have the above information, I will size the photo per submission requirements and submit your chosen photo before the school deadline.

What if I don't like my pictures?

Throughout your session, I'll share some of the pictures with you.  If something isn't right (usually it involves hair, expression or clothing), you will be able to see it, so we can make any corrections during the shoot.   I strive to make sure you are happy with your pictures and offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction on all products and services offered.

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