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The most important thing to ensure good photos is to spend time preparing for your sitting.   The following is a list of items to help you prepare:


Choose outfits that you like and that look good on you.  Get input from your parents, family, and friends.  Bring a variety.  Solid colors or non-distracting patterns work best.   Wear blue jeans or a skirt and avoid shorts.  Bring your clothes on hangers and make sure they are neat and wrinkle-free.


Girls, even if you normally do not wear make-up, wear it for pictures.  Keep it natural.  Mascara, lip gloss & foundation are a great basic look.  If you have questions or concerns about make-up, applying make-up or your complexion, see a dermatologist or visit the cosmetics counter at one of the larger department stores (i.e., Macy's).


Shave before your photo shoot.  


Don't panic if you break out before your scheduled shoot.  You can apply some cover-up.  I can retouch any of your finished pictures with some photoshop magic, so if in doubt, leave your skin as is.


Make sure you are comfortable with your hair.  I don't recommend any drastic changes to your hair just before your senior pictures.  If you get a new hairstyle and you don't like it, you won't like your pictures either.  If you want a haircut, I'd recommend getting a cut 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment.  


Get plenty of rest the night before.  Drink a fair amount of water the day before as well.   


Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and drive to the shoot.  There's nothing worse than being late and frazzled on your picture day.  


Stress and grumpiness are hard to hide in your pictures, so come to the appointment with a good attitude.  


What Will the Session be Like?

I like my clients to have FUN during their photo shoot!   This is time for you or your senior to shine.  I'll guide you throughout your shoot using natural poses that bring out your best features.  I try hard to put even the most camera shy seniors at ease.  If you'd like, bring your favorite music, and we can play it during the shoot!

I Wear Glasses...Can You Get Rid of the Reflection?

If you have glasses, it's hard to not have issues with reflections in the lenses.  If possible, wear contact lenses for your photo shoot or remove your glasses.   If you're most comfortable with glasses, I'd recommend that you remove the lenses from your frames or borrow a pair of frames from your optometrist.   If none of these is an option, please understand that I can only do so much with posing and lighting and you may still have reflections in your photos if you leave your lenses in.

Can I Bring my Pet, Sibling, Car, Etc?

Yes!  Your senior pictures are about capturing who you are!  So if you love to hunt, bring your hunting gear, including your gun, but leave the ammo at home.  If you want to bring your pet, make sure to include a carrier, leash and treats to get their attention.  (A helper would be nice for larger pets.)   If you bring a sibling or friend, make sure to coordinate your colors.  Don't forget to wash your vehicle, unless, of course, you want it to look dirty.  If you plan on being photographed with a vehicle, mornings or evenings work best.   Let me know what you are planning before the session, so I can be prepared.

I Don't Know How to Pose?

That's okay.  Most people don't know how to pose.  I know how to pose you to get the best angles and light for differing body shapes and looks.  

How Many Outfit Changes Do I Get?

The sessions that I have are based on time.  So if you book a 2-hour session, you get as many poses and outfits as we can fit into 2 hours!  So the faster you change, the more variety you get. On average, most people get about 3-4 clothing changes per hour.  So bring lots to pick from, and I can help you narrow it down from there.  Don't forget about any sports or activities your involved in!  Bring your letter jacket, uniform, or clarinet.  Also, bring anything fun that shows your individual style!

Can I Bring My Parents With Me?

Absolutely!  You may feel more comfortable with a parent around.  I might even put them to work during the shoot...

What if it Rains on the Day I am Scheduled for Outdoor Pictures?

If we have any indoor shots to take, we'll use this time to take those pictures.  If the rain continues on, we can reschedule the shoot.

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