2011 2012 8119 120717 120718 0245 0252 0294 0322 0765 1st place 20 gauge 20gauge 3rd place abstract award winner barbed wire barn bead best of show bill urseth bird bird dog bird dog in training birds blister blur boat bobber bonfire bow boxcar buoy camo camp campfire camping canoe cat tails chocolate lab christmas chukar chukkar corn deadwood decoy desat dog duck edit eye of the storm eyes fall farm farm moss feet fence fetch field fingerlings fire fire ring fish fishing fishing boat flusher fly flying fog foot foot prints formation geese german shorthair golden goose grass great outdoors hhc hhc camp hhc claudie hhc duke hhc hank hhc kate hhc mercy hhc toby hhc tough horse hunt hunter's lodge hunting i'm hooked kennel lab lake landscape lantern lathe leaves lichen life jacket life preserver life saver light lund marissa mattson mattson marissa mattsons miss remington mentor menz tournament merit metal mist mn horse and hunt mn horse and hunt places monotone monticello photo show moon moose motion motion blur mud mvpc n4c nature nautical night nose old age old wood open flame partridge pelican pet pheasant photograph of the year pine pointer pole prairie present prints puppy puppy eyes reeds reflection retrieve retriever roots school of fish seasons shake sheila mattson sheila mattson fine art and photography shell shoe shoot shooting shooting sport shotgun shotgun shell shotgun shells sight silo sky smoke spit sporting clay squirrel stalk still life stock student sunrise sunset swamp swamp grass swim teacher teeth tongue tournament tourney tracks trailer train trap shooting tree urseth bill waders water waterfowl waterfowl marissa mattson weathered wet dog white pelican wire wood wood metal youth hunting camp of mn
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